How to Find Wifi Password on Windows 10, Simple Steps

Do you know how to find wifi password on Windows 10? If you wish to attach to the wireless fidelity network, you need to enter the password that is additionally referred to as wireless fidelity network security key. Usually, home routers have it displayed on the rear of it. remember that you just will quickly amendment it and change it consistent with your wants.

You can check wireless fidelity password and alter it by modifying wireless network router configuration by accessing the configuration web site. whether or not you’re Windows 10 or Windows 7 user, it does not matter as you’ll learn the way to vary wireless fidelity password despite what software system is running on your pc.

However, if you’re not the owner of the router, you may not be able to check or amendment it consistent with your preferences. Luckily, there’s how a way to see wireless fidelity password by staring at the antecedently entered password on network set-up. This technique permits you to ascertain the Wi-fi network security key of the active association or those that were established before.

You will find pointers showing a way to check wireless fidelity password on Windows ten below. However, there square measure multiple ways in which to finish this task. Thus, be at liberty to select the one that suits you the simplest. If you continue to have any troubles making an attempt to seek out wireless fidelity password, you’ll continually contact our support for direct facilitate.

how to find wifi password on Windows 10

Steps to Find Wifi Password on Windows 10

According to the consultants, some users would possibly expertise troubles saving wifi or wireless passwords since their pcs square measure infected with probably unwanted programs that square measure disrupting regular computer activity. Therefore, it’s well to scan your device with an expert system improvement tool, like [ref id=”Reimage”].

1. Find/Change wireless fidelity password on Router’s web site

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Command Prompt;
  2. Type ipconfig and hit Enter;
  3. Copy the IP address displayed as Default Gateway;
  4. Submit the IP address on your browser and hit Enter.

You will be asked to enter Username and password. If the login details haven’t been modified from the default, you’ll find them on your router’s documentation. Otherwise, you ought to reset your router (usually, by holding the push for roughly ten seconds) and also the default login details indicated within the documentation ought to become valid once more.

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2. Check wireless fidelity password on Windows ten from Network settings

Follow the steps below

  1. Go to begin and click on on Settings;
  2. Select Network & Internet;
  3. On the left pane click standing and hit Network and Sharing Center;
  4. Click on Wireless Network association and choose Wireless Properties;
  5. Go to Security tab and tick Show Characters checkmark.

3. find wireless fidelity password of the antecedently connected network on Windows 10

Follow the steps below

  1. Open Command Prompt;
  2. Type netsh wireless local area network show profiles and hit Enter;
  3. Find the profile you’re inquisitive about and duplicate its name;
  4. Type netsh wireless local area network show profile name=profilename key=clear wherever “profilename” is that the name you’re inquisitive about and press Enter again;
  5. The password are displayed as Key Content

I hope this post explaining how to find wifi password on Windows 10 and will be useful for you.

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