How To Learn Korean Language Easy Way

How to learn Korean language easy? Korean is the sort of cool language to learn however how to research korean language easy?!
Not handiest is the written script one of the simplest to study, however the language will open doors to a lifestyle unlike every other.

From addictive Korean dramas and catchy K-pop beats to spicy eats and the maximum properly-geared up hikers ever, The Land of the Morning Calm has plenty to find.

Plus with the myriad of blessings of learning any foreign language, you’re placing your self up for a definitely unforgettable journey.
So it’s clear that that is an splendid selection—but where do you begin?

3 Steps How To Learn Korean Language

Keep calm and Korean on, due to the fact we’ve broken it down into three simple steps with beneficial pointers to get you going.

1. Learn Hangul

There is a reasonably apparent area to start learning Korean, and this is Hangul—the Korean alphabet. If you need to pursue the language seriously, you’re going to need in order to study. The alphabet has 24 letters: 14 consonants and 10 vowels.

how to learn korean language

Luckily, Hangul is a fairly easy alphabet to examine. When I first checked out it, I should make neither head nor tail of it. But once I learned the good judgment and ease in the back of its systematic introduction, I mastered the entire alphabet in a unmarried afternoon!

Hangul is a paranormal alphabet due to the fact the letters are highly symbolic. Consonants are really quite simple diagrams of what form the mouth makes with a purpose to articulate the sound.

Vowels are made from three symbols: a dot representing the sun (written as -), a horizontal line (ㅡ) representing the Earth, and a vertical line (ㅣ) representing humans, who connect the Earth and sun.

Here are some first-rate places in which you could analyze Hangul:

Omniglot – Korean — Omniglot in short explains the records and linguistics of Hangul, which I find fascinating. Scroll all the way down to see the letters separated into consonants and vowels, with a recording of the simple pronunciation of every letter.

An Introduction to Korean — Don’t allow the previous appearance of this website online turn you off; it would just be the nice location to research Hangul online. Each web page is pretty brief, making it surely useful for mastering Korean little by little. This web page progressively teaches you the letters in a logical order and in an powerful way. Click on “Consonants and vowels” in the bottom proper corner to begin. As you progress via the mini-lessons, there’ll always be a link like this within the bottom proper corner (subsequent to the small green arrow) that you click to move on to the next step.

Hangul a Day — This web site offers amazing examples of the way to pronounce every letter. But simply be conscious: When utilized in actual phrases, there are several irregularities in how some letters are stated—relying on what letters they follow. The next website will assist you learn these irregularities.

Learn Korean Language — As mentioned above, this site honestly explains pronunciation irregularities. They can also appear impossible to consider at first, but when you start speaking Korean you have to discover that they’re certainly very logical regulations that make pronunciation a long way more natural.

How to Practice Hangul

Depending on your have a look at plan, you should be able to learn Hangul in a remember of weeks (or less!). I started by way of searching at all of the letters immediately, after which I broke them up into chunks to memorize.

One way to analyze is to spend per week simply learning the maximum basic 8 vowels, accompanied through a week on the y-sound vowels and vowel combos. Then you can pass directly to consonants, again breaking them into agencies of about 8 letters every. That manner, through spending ten minutes in keeping with day (on common) reviewing flashcards, you may read Hangul in about a month.

Once you have got the person letters down, reading words can come enormously fast. The more you study (even if you cannot apprehend a word of what you’re reading), your analyzing velocity will enhance significantly. I exercise most usually via social media, particularly through following Korean humans of hobby on Twitter and Instagram, as the textual content is extremely brief.

Here are some Korean people of interest you could comply with for studying exercise:

  • Park Geun Hye (@GH_Park), the South Korean President
  • G-Dragon (@IBGGDRGN), K-pop big name of band BigBang
  • CL (@chaelinCL), K-pop celebrity of 2NE1
  • Psy (@psy_oppa), K-pop megastar recognised for the worldwide hit “Gangnam Style”
  • Lee Min Ho (@actorleeminho), well-known actor
  • Jin Goo (@actor_jingoo), famous actor

Sometimes I look up what the words mean, however different times

I truly exercise analyzing the words as speedy as I can. You may additionally find that writing in Hangul (even if you’re genuinely simply transliterating English words) gets the letters into your head greater quick and naturally.

2. Collect Vocab

Once you’ve found out to examine the Korean alphabet, the subsequent step is to start gathering vocab. I as soon as read a novel in which a person who speaks upwards of 20 languages brushes off his exquisite capabilities as “you truely only want approximately 500 words.” When I examine that, I nearly snapped my fingers: That’s less than 10 words a week for a year! Perhaps his statement changed into a wild exaggeration, however it’s still a incredible start. So if you want this idea as nicely, permit 10 phrases a week be your aim.

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Sometimes it’s hard to determine which vocab to research, that’s in which classes may be helpful (i.E. Greetings, honorifics, meals, animals, not unusual adjectives, transportation). You also can let popular culture provide you with thematic vocab. For example, by means of watching a drama set in excessive college you could choose up college-associated language, or analyze romantic language via paying attention to K-pop lyrics.

How to Practice Vocab

Practicing vocab is whilst apps may be most beneficial. In addition to FluentU, I like Anki and Memrise, and I also use bodily flashcards due to the fact I’m antique-faculty.

One manner that I want to interact with language is to research the words for things in a room in my house—for example the Korean phrases for all the objects I generally use in the kitchen (i.E. Fridge, toaster, plate, bowl, chopsticks, and so forth.). Stick a portrait of your preferred K-pop celebrity to your fridge, for instance, to remind you to mention the Korean names of gadgets as you operate them. Other kitchen ideas include placing a souvenir magnet or postcard from Korea on your fridge, ingesting off Korea-related placemats or maybe labeling each item in Hangul with Post-its.

Making little habits like this are a first-rate way to get your mind practising, without using up attempt remembering to review. And the greater you may ramp up the amusing aspect with the aid of engaging with anything makes Korean language or way of life thrilling to you, the less attempt it’s going to take to make your self exercise.

So if you’re into cooking, for instance, make one night in line with week “Korean night,” wherein you are making a Korean dish whilst mastering the names of the utensils and elements in Korean.

Maangchi’s blog is an wonderful source of Korean recipes, and he or she usually refers back to the dishes with the aid of their Korean call in her videos—which could be very beneficial for pronunciation!

Go returned for your original motivation for studying Korean; that’s where you locate your inspiration! Whether it’s watching movies and dramas, making kimchi from scratch, singing alongside to K-pop or boning up on North-South relations, all areas of hobby include a extensive rage of vocab to examine. And following your curiosity is the most interesting manner to learn those phrases.

3. Focus on Verbs

Learning commonplace verbs could be your 1/3 step to get started with Korean, as verbs are probable the maximum essential a part of any Korean sentence. In reality, it’s quite commonplace in Korean to pass a sentence absolutely, and simplest say the verb! For instance, you could actually say “eat” to mean “I need to devour,” “Let’s devour” or “Do you need to consume?” The that means can typically be taken from the context and your intonation.

Think about the verbs you operate most frequently in English; that’s an excellent place to begin. Write a list of verbs to learn, and appearance them up in a Korean dictionary. Naver’s Korean-English dictionary is a terrific desire (Naver is kind of just like the Google of South Korea), or I often use Rieul Korean. IOS customers could try DictBox or DioDict as nicely.

Or, check out Korean verb lists in which people have already carried out the defining/translations for you!

Sydney to Seoul has a listing of 100 not unusual Korean verbs.
TOPIK Guide provides a listing of the 500 maximum not unusual verbs in Korean. You’ll want which will study Hangul to apply both websites, as they do not offer Roman lettering.

How to Practice Verbs

Like with other vocab, if you begin with verbs which you use virtually often, you could shape the addiction to apply the Korean phrase in preference to the English. For instance, I in no way say “allow’s move” anymore. I say “가자!” (ga-ja!)

And like with Hangul, it’s wise to examine a small number of verbs at a time, and practice often enough to have a high turnover. A right aim first of all is to examine 5 new verbs each different day, and overview each day. Ten to fifteen mins per day is plenty of time to spend gaining knowledge of new verbs.

While there genuinely is not any restrict to how a great deal time you could spend reviewing and committing phrases in your long-time period memory, a shorter time period (like 10 minutes) of consistent each day flashcard exercise will move you alongside pretty well.

It’s ordinary to be worried and or to procrastinate beginning to analyze a new language, even when you desperately need to examine it. But it without a doubt is as easy as getting began and continuing.
Aim for constant small steps which you can without difficulty complete, such that every day progress feels workable. So rather than “I want to speak Korean fluently,” start with our first step and supply your self a closing date. For instance: “I need for you to examine Hangul by the stop of the month.” Then break that purpose down in addition right into a have a look at plan of minutes/day on one of the websites we advocated, letters/week, and so forth.

I hope this post explaining how to learn korean language easy will be useful for you.

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